Tips For Storing A Classic Vehicle

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Inactivity for an automobile is often as destructive as it is for a human. Damage can occur as the vehicle just sits. Rubber rots, upholstery mildews, metal rusts and engine parts seize. The following steps can help to ensure the vehicle is quickly ready to be back on the road for the next spring with a minimal amount of deterioration.

Begin by detailing the classic auto. Wash away road grime and coat with wax. Do not buff chrome until it is time to remove the vehicle from storage. Vacuum and clean upholstery to ensure there are no crumbs to draw critters. Lubricate any rubber parts for preservation.

Once parked in the garage for the winter, change or drain all fluids. Try to drain oil while it is still warm to remove emulsified chemicals. Wear gloves to prevent burns.

Fill universal joints with fresh grease. Pack the wheel bearings. Grease all the fittings on the suspension and steering. Bleed the brakes and empty the fuel tank. Start the engine and allow any remaining fuel to burn out of the lines.

The cooling system should be drained and left empty with the cap off and petcock open. Remove heater hoses and allow the heater to drain.


Tips on Finding Your Classic Car Or Project Car

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Here’s a short article to help you find your project car you’ve been dreaming about since high school. There are a number of ways to begin your search, and you can begin from wherever you’re at right now.

The more obvious ones are newspapers, under vintage or classic autos, or just browsing by year in the classified sections under used cars. Then there are the local buy and sell publications, which I really like, because you just never know what kinds of bargains you’ll find from week to week. Another great place to look is auctions, either online or by actually showing up for an auction. There are also swap meets and car shows, where you just never know who’ll be selling what. With the popularity of the Internet, you’ll have access to endless leads for classic cars online- Google and eBay are excellent places to start as well as getting on email lists from reputable car dealers and auction sites. And finally, the most interesting way I’ve found to begin your treasure hunt is just to go for a drive! I can’t begin to tell you how many diamonds in the rough I’ve discovered simply by taking a Sunday afternoon


Top Tips For Transporting Your Classic Car

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Transporting your classic car to an event or exhibition? Read our top tips on how to preserve your precious vehicle and ensure it arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

Insist on the best

Entrusting your car to a stranger is something few owners do lightly, but when that car is a rare and valuable classic you need to take even more precautions before handing it over. You’ll want to be certain your cherished vehicle will be handled with the same care you lavish on it yourself. Begin by looking for a company that specialises in classic vehicle transport and offers a bespoke service for historic vehicles.

Demand a covered car transporter

An open trailer is no place for a classic or vintage car; the risk of stone chips and other accidental damage is too great. For maximum safety and security only custom-built, air-suspended, enclosed classic car transportation vehicles are good enough.

Ask questions

A reputable vehicle transportation company will be happy to discuss your needs in detail and address any concerns you have. When you talk to them, are the staff obviously experienced and well trained? Do you feel reassured that you are dealing with a professional team?

Check the route

However short or long the journey,