Mercedes AMG S63- World class luxurious car

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You must be well aware of the new car entries into the auto market. There are many cars that are out of the show in few months and there are many cars that are going to leave a mark in the mind of the people. The new Mercedes AMG S63 Coupe is one such marvelous car that is going to leave the print in the mind of people.

With the sleek design, power options, safety, look and many other attractive features, car lovers are surely to get good satisfaction. You will be amazed to make a list of the specifications of the car that are really unique.


The design of the Mercedes AMG S63 is the first thing to notice. It is provided with a lot of perfect design tricks that will blow up your mind in seconds. The panorama roof option of the car will help to get a clear glance of the clean sky.


The interior of the car is boasted with Nappa proper leather to provide soft touch.  Aluminum pedals also pose to be the best option in the car. The exterior carbon fiber touch will bring the best look. 10 spoke wheels is yet another attraction that adds natural beauty to the car. UsaRim offers AMG style rims – so if you are interested in adding more style to your car, then USARim can you help you in a great way.

DINAMICA headliner is also integrated to the front part of the car. The rider can easily control the roof of the car with magic sky control. The engine is covered with carbon fiber to safeguard it.  The steering of the car is also provided with proper material to enhance the grip.


Safety is the best feature that the Mercedes AMG S63 is boasted with. With the collision prevention technique, the rider will feel safe inside the car. Driver can easily have a glance with the help of surround view system.  The braking system of the car is also adaptive and provides nice grip on the road.


Performance is the leading attribute of the Mercedes AMG S63 and for which it has gained much popularity. The AMG 5.5 liter engine will churn out a proper amount of power. The seven speed transmission technique will also enhance the riding experience.

Adaptive suspension system provides nice comfort without an issue. After all the level of comfort and convenience that the Mercedes AMG S63 provides cannot be described in words.

Proper audio and entertainment options are also provided on the dashboard of the car. You have to ride the car to feel the difference.

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